Love is in the Air

Cappuccino gives his new girlfriend, Mocha a flower. To celebrate their first Valentines Day. She came to us, right before Christmas, from a family friend. Who understands my mom's other family made of socks.

Blueberry and Summer Celebrate their second Valentines Day together. They met on a trip to my grandparents. They go everywhere together, and never leave eachother's side.

S'morey and his family celebrate Valentines Day with a day at home. S'morey still recovering from his operation. His love Tuffle and son, Chocolate Chip. S'morey and Truffle met when I box came to our door. The postman had delivered, she is the glue the all the sock families.

A Valentines Breakfast for a Sock Monkey

This morning my family decided to make Valentines day omelets. And of course S'morey helped with the making of the breakfast, and sneaking a few peppers into his mouth. We put all different colored peppers, mushrooms, onions and cheese. By the time we all sat down S'morey was done with his meal. That monkey can eat anything and everything.

S'morey Has Surgery

S'morey had his first major surgery yesterday. The operation took 30mins, he had a big hole in his tail. I couldn't save the tip of his tail, so he needed a transplant. Now his tail is all good and new, literally. A purple bandage covers the stitches, he was in recoverey all yesterday. Now he is back to his monkey ways. There are times when I came into the room and he was playing with his tail, trying to look underneath the purple bandage. But he is all healed in time for Valentines Day .

Family Photo

This is the Sock Monkey family :
This is Pancake, the big sock monkey, my Aunt and Uncle gave it to me as a christmas gift !!!

Sock Monkey Made The Superbowl !!!!

Finally a sock monkey was selected to be apart of the superbowl. Both S'morey and I were so excited. Thank you so much Kia, the sock monkey is the star !!! Enjoy the video :