Love is in the Air

Cappuccino gives his new girlfriend, Mocha a flower. To celebrate their first Valentines Day. She came to us, right before Christmas, from a family friend. Who understands my mom's other family made of socks.

Blueberry and Summer Celebrate their second Valentines Day together. They met on a trip to my grandparents. They go everywhere together, and never leave eachother's side.

S'morey and his family celebrate Valentines Day with a day at home. S'morey still recovering from his operation. His love Tuffle and son, Chocolate Chip. S'morey and Truffle met when I box came to our door. The postman had delivered, she is the glue the all the sock families.

A Valentines Breakfast for a Sock Monkey

This morning my family decided to make Valentines day omelets. And of course S'morey helped with the making of the breakfast, and sneaking a few peppers into his mouth. We put all different colored peppers, mushrooms, onions and cheese. By the time we all sat down S'morey was done with his meal. That monkey can eat anything and everything.

S'morey Has Surgery

S'morey had his first major surgery yesterday. The operation took 30mins, he had a big hole in his tail. I couldn't save the tip of his tail, so he needed a transplant. Now his tail is all good and new, literally. A purple bandage covers the stitches, he was in recoverey all yesterday. Now he is back to his monkey ways. There are times when I came into the room and he was playing with his tail, trying to look underneath the purple bandage. But he is all healed in time for Valentines Day .

Family Photo

This is the Sock Monkey family :
This is Pancake, the big sock monkey, my Aunt and Uncle gave it to me as a christmas gift !!!

Sock Monkey Made The Superbowl !!!!

Finally a sock monkey was selected to be apart of the superbowl. Both S'morey and I were so excited. Thank you so much Kia, the sock monkey is the star !!! Enjoy the video :

S'morey on a Cruise

In July my family and I went on a cruise for my 16th birthday. Along the way S'morey made a couple of friends withs towel animals !!! Here are some pictures:

Sorry No Posts in a long time

I have been so busy with school I have had no time to take S'morey out on any adventure. I promise I will post the Cruise pictures before the week ends. Sock monkey's and school can't go together.!!! lol

SoCk mOnkEy qUeEn

S'morey's Back

S'morey has been on a cruise for the past week or so. We also went to Florida to enjoy the hot temperature. Stay tuned for his adventure, and meeting new friends made from towels. Thanks Big Monkey for worrying, it shows you care, you are a true friend.

S'morey Gets The Chills

This morning when I woke up, I noticed S'morey had already been awake, and he was looking out the window. There was a blanket of white on the ground.

S'morey went outside to experience it for himself, little white flakes glided through the air landing on S'morey's new purple hoodie. The hoodie looked as if it had perfect white pokadots on it.

S'morey loves climbing trees so he decided to concure it, we called it the wintery snow covered challenge. I was underneath the tree just in case he fell.

Then S'morey jumped onto the well house from the tree. This really scared me I was not expecting him to do somthing that crazy. The one thing I always forget is that S'morey is part monkey. That is S'moreys' favorite place to hang out in the summer.

To warm up, we went inside to play a little game of hide and seek, but S'morey won. It took me 5 minutes to even think where he was. When I found him he was hiding in a little storage door upstairs, it is the perfect size for him.

S'morey's New Hoodie

After looking at Big Monkey's Hoodie I decided to make S'morey one. It is the color purple, both S'morey and my favorite color. It was a good thing too, because the temperture is dropping. And you can visit my friend Big Monkey at: . As you can see it came in handy.

Sock Monkey Superbowl

Out of everyone in the house S'morey and I were the only ones going for the Steelers.

We are all dressed up and ready to win.

S'morey trying to lift the football!!!!!

He looks good with his 3D shades on, there should be a 3D sock monkey commercial.

S'morey thought he should have been MVP.

S'morey rubbing the trophy.

Steelers Win !!!!!

Meet Cupcake

I have added a new sock monkey to my collection, she is a red sock monkey just in time for Valentines Day. Meet Cupcake, she is a cute monkey with fire red hair that needs some more friends, so if you want to be Cupcake's friend comment me please. Thank you Hoffee and a Nuffin for the socks, she sells great sock monkey's visit her blog at: to buy her products visit her etsy page. I love her sock monkeys, they are so cute ;)

S'morey and Riley Become Friends

S'morey spent his last night bonding with Riley. I think they look so cute in this picture, S'morey also said his goodbyes to Peyton. Peyton is a dog my cousins have and they train them, Paws with a Cause. That is an organization, that both S'morey and I support, a caring family trains a dog for a year so that it can go to a family with disabilities. This is the last time S'morey and I will spend with Peyton. In the morning we woke up at 11:00, we left around 11:30. It was hard to say goodbye, but knowing that we were going to see them in March for my aunt's wedding it made me a little bit happier. It took us 11 hours and 45 minutes to get home. S'morey woke from his nap and was surprise we arrived home so quickly. You see it took us 14 hours to get to my Aunt and Uncle's home. By the way my uncle is a great photographer, to see his work go to: , and to see a Jr. photographer go to: Both of them took some great shots of S'morey.

Snow in Michigan

On New Year's Eve, we noticed little white flakes falling from the sky, but it to dark to go and play in them. So we waited until morning it was worth it, because we went snowboarding for the first time, then we started sledding. S'morey and I, snowboarded for the first time, he road on my shoulders. We didn't fall surprisingly, it was fun, but we got tried of standing so S'morey suggested that we sled. That was so much fun. And at one point S'morey was laughing hysterically, then I saw my cousin fly off the ground and he almost landed in the frozen lake. Logan was about 3inches from flying into freezing water. After we went inside and had hot chocolate, we made snow angels. S'moreys' snow angel compared to mine is very small, but cute. What do you think of his snow angel??? Two days before that, we found ourselves freezing in front of "Big Red", a famous lighthouse in Holland, Michigan. We only stayed in front of it for 2 minutes, it was so cool the sand froze.

New Year Celebration with S'morey

We began the New Year in Holland, Michigan with my cousins. My cousin Luke had his buddy Squirt, Logan had his buddy Seymour, and I had S'morey. If you want to see Squirt's adventures go to: and for Seymour's adventures go to: S'morey and I had a lot of sparkling cider, the bubbles went to our heads. We were loopy for the rest of the night. S'morey started putting streamers all over his head. This is the third year we have celebrated new year's together. I found out that S'morey is a really good dancer and singer. I will never give that monkey sparkling anything, ever again.

S'morey Goes To An Irish Pub

Today we all went to "The Curragh", which is an Irish pub. S'morey got a little taste of Guinness, sneaking a sip from my dad's glass. S'morey said," It is way to bitter." It seems S'morey got a stomach ache because of the taste, I
think it turned his stomach upside down.

He is also posing according to the words that were painted on the wall. The wall says " Dying is one of the few things that can be done as easily as lying down".

S'morey maneged to climb on top of an Irish pig statue. Which he tried top ride, but the pig didn't move. Even if the pig moved S'morey would have been in for a wild ride, both the pig and S'morey would have fallen a hit the floor. The pig was up on a shelf.

I noticed whenever the waitress came S'morey began to blush. Therefore she was asked if she would kindly take a picture with S'morey, and she accepted. S'morey was so happy, he said she had a very pleasant smell about her. That was S'moreys' adventure for today.... stay tuned until tomorrow to see the next one. I have a feeling the that tomorrow's adventure will involve snow.

Mini Sock Monkey Mania

There are new members in the sock monkey family. For Christmas I made my cousin's mini sock monkeys. Now we have three mini sock monkeys.

Chocolate Chip was the first mini Monkey I made. He is S'morey and Truffle's son. The reason for his name is because of his size. Chocolate Chip is as small as the chips in cookies (not really..... almost).

Next is Ginger, she is Luke's first sock monkey, and also the first female in his collection. She was named Ginger because, Luke makes great Ginger Snap Cookies, his specialty. To see some of Giners adventures go to:

Last but not least, Mojito Fransisco Mojo. He is Logan's first sock monkey as well. He got his name because Logan likes the way it rolls off his tongue when he says it. To hear more funny adventures with Mojito go to : Mojito and Ginger are twins, S'moreys' niece and nephew, and Chocolate Chips cousins.

Dreaming of Legos

Last night after S'moreys' wild adventure, he went to sleep. And today when S'morey woke up he told about this new dream he had. His dream was about Lego's, it starts off with S'morey opening a door. Inside the door were a lot of Lego people, they told S'morey to follow them. They wanted to show S'morey their village. As S'morey walked he was suddenly stopped, and the Lego villager pointed up. S'morey looked up and all he saw was a pool table. But little did he know on the pool table was the village. So S'morey climbed up the stairs, and as soon as he got half way a plane flew over him. He was a little frightened of the plane, because the experience he had yesterday. S'morey finally reached the top of the stairs, when he noticed how helpful the people were. S'morey began making friends and helping other, he also got to fly a big green and white plane. When the dream ended, S'morey couldn't wait to go back to sleep so he could see where his dreams take him next time. Now all day S'morey has not stopped talking about planes.

S'morey Through the Looking Glass

Now we are in Michigan, we drove 14 hours to get here. Anyway, I was hanging out with my cousins, when S'morey ran off into one of the rooms. After a while of waiting for him to come out, I went searching for him. I walked into the room and I saw this....... he was sitting in front of a mirror.It seemed like S'morey was in another world. It kinda freaked me out, he was looking at the mirror as if something was looking back. I thought it was his reflection, but he told me otherwise.

S'morey began his story, he told me he entered in a land of Giant Friendly Footballs, they were all gathered around him. He said they wanted him to play with them.

S'morey also spoke of many other lands. The next land he entered was the land of Unhappy Airplanes. They began to corner S'morey, to the point that he was very frightened. There was a 9:1 ratio, S'morey against nine other unhappy planes. Who will win???? To be continued........ S'morey past through a door that led to this.......

The room was dark and all S'morey heard was a clock....... ding.... dong....ding...dong. Then the clock showed up every which way. So he closed his eyes, and wished he was in a sweet place.

Next thing he knew, S'morey was covered in candy, chocolate, and a lot more. He said he was only going to eat two pieces, but he ate more. Some good things have to come to an end, sadly S'morey told me he got a huge stomach ache. And never wanted anymore candy, ever!!!!!

S'moreys' final journey was back in Michigan where he began, sitting in the front of a mirror, in a bedroom. Who knew an ordinary mirror could be so adventurous...... or was the mirror far from ordinary?????? Only one monkey knows. When I looked at S'moreys' face it was covered in chocolate...........

Christmas Morning

When S'morey and I woke up this morning, we were so excited that today was Christmas, we raced upstairs (after we fed Riley and took her to go potty). And under the tree were a lot of presents, but Christmas is not about the presents it's about giving. Anyway, S'morey looked at each gift and inspected it twice, trying to guess what they were. The first gifts S'morey helped me open, had to do with sock monkeys.

There is a new member in the sock monkey family, he is a moose and his name is Cheesecake. He has a red bow on, Cheesecake is so cute, Santa sent him by UPS.

Then a gift from my cousins in Tampa: it was a blue sock monkey, his name is Blueberry. Blueberry is a bright ocean blue, he is a very handsome monkey. I think he likes Summer, she is a green, blue, and yellow stripped sock monkey that I have. Summer was given to me 2 months ago.By my grandfather when we visitted their house, they live in Summerfield, and that is how she got her name. Meet Blueberry, he likes to hang on things, what sock monkey doesn't????

The next gift, was a gift that all of sock monkey's and I could enjoy, but S'morey clams it is his. It is the DVD "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium", we all love this DVD. We have seen it many times, but just never owned it before, now it is ours to watch over and over again. And trust me we will.
I also got some mini socks, I know what your thinking, how can she use theses??? I make mini sock monkeys using them, that is how I made Chocolate Chip, S'morey and Truffle's son.

My Aunt and Uncle sent me a bathrobe with sock monkeys on it. I needed it my other bathrobe was getting way to small.The sock monkeys are hugging the stars and getting ready to go to sleep. They also sent me sock monkey slippers, which are very comfortable and warm.

I am so lucky to have a family that loves and cares for me. They know me very well. To finish this off, Merry Christmas!!!!!!! I hope yours was as special as mine. Comment me, I would love to hear what you got for Christmas, even if it has nothing to do with sock monkeys.