S'morey Gets The Chills

This morning when I woke up, I noticed S'morey had already been awake, and he was looking out the window. There was a blanket of white on the ground.

S'morey went outside to experience it for himself, little white flakes glided through the air landing on S'morey's new purple hoodie. The hoodie looked as if it had perfect white pokadots on it.

S'morey loves climbing trees so he decided to concure it, we called it the wintery snow covered challenge. I was underneath the tree just in case he fell.

Then S'morey jumped onto the well house from the tree. This really scared me I was not expecting him to do somthing that crazy. The one thing I always forget is that S'morey is part monkey. That is S'moreys' favorite place to hang out in the summer.

To warm up, we went inside to play a little game of hide and seek, but S'morey won. It took me 5 minutes to even think where he was. When I found him he was hiding in a little storage door upstairs, it is the perfect size for him.

S'morey's New Hoodie

After looking at Big Monkey's Hoodie I decided to make S'morey one. It is the color purple, both S'morey and my favorite color. It was a good thing too, because the temperture is dropping. And you can visit my friend Big Monkey at: http://www.bigmonkeyshouse.com/ . As you can see it came in handy.