S'morey on a Cruise

In July my family and I went on a cruise for my 16th birthday. Along the way S'morey made a couple of friends withs towel animals !!! Here are some pictures:

Sorry No Posts in a long time

I have been so busy with school I have had no time to take S'morey out on any adventure. I promise I will post the Cruise pictures before the week ends. Sock monkey's and school can't go together.!!! lol

SoCk mOnkEy qUeEn

S'morey's Back

S'morey has been on a cruise for the past week or so. We also went to Florida to enjoy the hot temperature. Stay tuned for his adventure, and meeting new friends made from towels. Thanks Big Monkey for worrying, it shows you care, you are a true friend.

S'morey Gets The Chills

This morning when I woke up, I noticed S'morey had already been awake, and he was looking out the window. There was a blanket of white on the ground.

S'morey went outside to experience it for himself, little white flakes glided through the air landing on S'morey's new purple hoodie. The hoodie looked as if it had perfect white pokadots on it.

S'morey loves climbing trees so he decided to concure it, we called it the wintery snow covered challenge. I was underneath the tree just in case he fell.

Then S'morey jumped onto the well house from the tree. This really scared me I was not expecting him to do somthing that crazy. The one thing I always forget is that S'morey is part monkey. That is S'moreys' favorite place to hang out in the summer.

To warm up, we went inside to play a little game of hide and seek, but S'morey won. It took me 5 minutes to even think where he was. When I found him he was hiding in a little storage door upstairs, it is the perfect size for him.

S'morey's New Hoodie

After looking at Big Monkey's Hoodie I decided to make S'morey one. It is the color purple, both S'morey and my favorite color. It was a good thing too, because the temperture is dropping. And you can visit my friend Big Monkey at: http://www.bigmonkeyshouse.com/ . As you can see it came in handy.

Sock Monkey Superbowl

Out of everyone in the house S'morey and I were the only ones going for the Steelers.

We are all dressed up and ready to win.

S'morey trying to lift the football!!!!!

He looks good with his 3D shades on, there should be a 3D sock monkey commercial.

S'morey thought he should have been MVP.

S'morey rubbing the trophy.

Steelers Win !!!!!

Meet Cupcake

I have added a new sock monkey to my collection, she is a red sock monkey just in time for Valentines Day. Meet Cupcake, she is a cute monkey with fire red hair that needs some more friends, so if you want to be Cupcake's friend comment me please. Thank you Hoffee and a Nuffin for the socks, she sells great sock monkey's visit her blog at: http://hoffeeandanuffin.blogspot.com/ to buy her products visit her etsy page. I love her sock monkeys, they are so cute ;)

S'morey and Riley Become Friends

S'morey spent his last night bonding with Riley. I think they look so cute in this picture, S'morey also said his goodbyes to Peyton. Peyton is a dog my cousins have and they train them, Paws with a Cause. That is an organization, that both S'morey and I support, a caring family trains a dog for a year so that it can go to a family with disabilities. This is the last time S'morey and I will spend with Peyton. In the morning we woke up at 11:00, we left around 11:30. It was hard to say goodbye, but knowing that we were going to see them in March for my aunt's wedding it made me a little bit happier. It took us 11 hours and 45 minutes to get home. S'morey woke from his nap and was surprise we arrived home so quickly. You see it took us 14 hours to get to my Aunt and Uncle's home. By the way my uncle is a great photographer, to see his work go to: www.overbeekphotography.com , and to see a Jr. photographer go to: www.photographykidluke.blogspot.com. Both of them took some great shots of S'morey.

Snow in Michigan

On New Year's Eve, we noticed little white flakes falling from the sky, but it to dark to go and play in them. So we waited until morning it was worth it, because we went snowboarding for the first time, then we started sledding. S'morey and I, snowboarded for the first time, he road on my shoulders. We didn't fall surprisingly, it was fun, but we got tried of standing so S'morey suggested that we sled. That was so much fun. And at one point S'morey was laughing hysterically, then I saw my cousin fly off the ground and he almost landed in the frozen lake. Logan was about 3inches from flying into freezing water. After we went inside and had hot chocolate, we made snow angels. S'moreys' snow angel compared to mine is very small, but cute. What do you think of his snow angel??? Two days before that, we found ourselves freezing in front of "Big Red", a famous lighthouse in Holland, Michigan. We only stayed in front of it for 2 minutes, it was so cool the sand froze.

New Year Celebration with S'morey

We began the New Year in Holland, Michigan with my cousins. My cousin Luke had his buddy Squirt, Logan had his buddy Seymour, and I had S'morey. If you want to see Squirt's adventures go to: http://www.photographykidluke.blogspot.com/ and for Seymour's adventures go to: http://www.loganrocks1997.blogspot.com/. S'morey and I had a lot of sparkling cider, the bubbles went to our heads. We were loopy for the rest of the night. S'morey started putting streamers all over his head. This is the third year we have celebrated new year's together. I found out that S'morey is a really good dancer and singer. I will never give that monkey sparkling anything, ever again.